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By | December 22, 2016


Te3n Movie

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A thriller movie making you grip till the end is what Te3n is all about. Although the film has not found much Commercial success, for those who like dark and edgy films, Te3n is a real watch. The movie is a remake of Korean film, Montage where a small girl is kidnapped and killed. The movie takes a time of total eight-year to unwind the events happened due to the kidnapping and murder.


Te3n Movie Download in HD Mp4

John (Amitabh Bachchan) is the grandfather of the girl who is kidnapped and killed. He is in search of the murderer and wants to seek revenge. Suddenly, John lands up to Martin (Nawazuddin) an ex-cop and now a priest, for the case. He reluctantly agrees to move ahead in the case along with Police Women Sarita Sharma (Vidya Balan). The movie does build up curiosity as to who is the murderer and how the events lead to him.


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There are some of the bumps in the movie which could have been altered or skipped altogether. As a result, the audiences might get some idea of what the climax might be, but it can be avoided going by the way the movie goes on. Special mention to all the three actors who kept the movie flowing and not making you feel bored with it.


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