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By | December 16, 2016


Secret Superstar Trailer, Secret Superstar trailer download

Right now, Aamir Khan is focussing on the promotion of “Dangal.” Aamir Khan Productions is producing this movie. Advait Chandan is the director of this movie who was the manager of Aamir Khan too. A few years back, Advait pitched the script to Aamir. Fortunately, Aamir was highly impressed with the script, and he decided to produce this film. The teaser of the movie shows one teenage girl who wants to become a singer. Her father is highly against her decision. So this is the journey of a girl from Vadodara to pursue her passion as her career. Aamir Khan also appeared at the end of the teaser. His new look is quite funky and a little bit funny too.


Cast – Aamir Khan, Zaira Wasim, Meher Vij and Raj Arjun

Format – HD Mp4 trailer

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Secret Superstar trailer download in HD Mp4

Download Secret Superstar movie trailer in HD PC Mp4


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download-secret-superstar-trailer secret-superstar-trailer-download

One thought on “Download >> Secret Superstar Trailer {Aamir Khan} in HD Mp4 and 3GP

  1. koushik

    Glad to see the Aamir Khan in the trailer. Secret Superstar will also bring a lot of success to this cute girl. I love her acting in Dangal too.


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