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By | November 20, 2016


Rustom movie

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Akshay Kumar has been hitting it hard in Bollywood with an average of three films per year, more than any superstar’s film in a year. Not only this but also all his movies released this year had been a hit. Starting off with Airlift, Housefull 3 and now Rustom.  Rustom is loosely based on the very famous Nanavati Case which saw the last Jury trial in India. You can get Rustom full movie download in DVDRip print from here.


Rustom Movie Download in HD Mp4

Rustom is a story about Naval officer Rustom Pavri who loves his wife Cynthia very much. But Cynthia’s one nightstand with Vikram becomes the reason of Rustom killing Vikram. How Rustom faces the Court drama and evolves as a victim or culprit is shown in the movie. Ileana D ‘Cruz is quite appealing as Cynthia and their bond is very much seen on big screen. Akshay Kumar hands down steals the show with his wit and acting. Other supporting casts were equally apt for their roles.


Download Rustom Movie in DVDRip – 400 MB

Overall, Rustom flies high post interval when Courtroom Drama starts. Rustom wants his wife’s image to be protected and for this, he twists and entangles the situation to his favor very cleverly. Tinu Anand Desai has worked really well with regards to direction and the way story has been told.  A must watch for all.


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