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By | October 3, 2016


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Sports biopic has been in trend for quite a while now but M S Dhoni is unique in many senses. The story line, actor performances, minute nuances has made the movie an epic film to watch. Yes, there are hits and misses in these ace biopic but we can still neglect those misses and enjoy the breathtaking performance by Sushant Singh Rajput as M S Dhoni. M S Dhoni is not particularly a sports film but it is indeed a story about a man, his struggle in life, dedication and passion towards his aim and his dreams. It is about the personal journey of M s Dhoni, how he became the successful captain of Indian Cricket team.


MS Dhoni Movie Download in DVDRip

Neeraj Pandey is one serious filmmaker who has changed the way cinema looks. His all films have the same impact be it Baby, Special 26 or Wednesday and now M S Dhoni. Very minute details of Dhoni’s life have shown in the film. His struggle from being a Ticket collector in Kanpur railway station to being captain of Indian cricket team. The movie does have love angle, where Dhoni’s and his ex-girlfriend Priyanka Jha played by Disha Patani’s romance has been shown. You can start your MS Dhoni movie download from below. Priyanka Jha dies in a car accident and then comes Sakshi in his life, his present wife. Much applaud to Sushant who have perfectly aced the mannerism of Dhoni. You can compare those two and can hardly find any difference. Other supporting casts have also done their job well.


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Talking about the misses in the film then, there are certain things, which Dhoni fans had, expect but could not find them in the movie. There are hardly any controversies as captain in the team is shown in the movie, which all knows that there have been many of them. Fans also wanted to know how Dhoni talked with his team in the dressing room and how he motivated them but hardly anything is shown behind the ground shots. You can get MS Dhoni movie download in HD print from here. His love affairs had been many but only two of them are shown in the movie. So only Dhoni’s struggle is focused and not many other aspects have been touched upon.


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But still, this 3 hours 10 minutes film manages to keep you tight. You would not know when the movie starts and will finish as would not get bored by its length. Obviously, the best shot is when Sushant hits a six in the last ball of World cup match and wins for the team, the cup that is really rejoicing. Dhoni does give a special appearance in a movie, which is a sweet surprise for all the movie watchers. All in all M s Dhoni, The Untold story is a worth watch movie in recent times.


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